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Client: Maris Strategies Brief: Branding and creative for banking simulator game including Video

Paul’s brief was to brand and style a banking simulator game already created and trialled. The Client wanted to create a marketable product with all the elements within the simulator and to have a professional style to fit the target market of banking and financial professionals across international markets. Additionally, it was important to inject the fun of a game by incorporating less traditional imagery usually associated with Banking.

The simulation game is about team building, introducing areas of banking to employees within a bank to better understand all the aspects of running a bank and each other’s roles.

The game centres around ‘back to basics’ banking; pen, paper and calculator, and your personal tenacity and ingenuity to succeed. We felt the concept of the cog would be a great metaphor for a more ‘hands-on approach’ and steer away from the natural high-tech automated industry banking

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